Lorelei Olivies of Energy House

Born on 24th of October 2012

Daughter of Multi CH Nelson Olivier iz Palevyh Buldogov and JCH Veronique Devinette for Frustyle

With her seven months of age, she managed to be baby BOB and Puppy BOB several times, as well as Puppy BIS II and Puppy BIS III; she was Vv1 on FMBC (French Bulldog, Mops (Pug) and Boston Terrier Club) Show, and eventualy - Puppy Best In Speciality Show! Judge - Melita Groselj (SLO)

So far Lora has opened her Int CH Title, became Junior CH of Serbia and CH of Serbia.

We're very proud of her!

Lorelei's pedigree
Lorelei's pedigree